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When you have been in as many homes as I have, literally hundreds, you develop a sense of what is the minimum a Pinecrest Florida real estate Buyers should consider when looking at Pinecrest homes to purchase.  Even though you are looking at purchasing your home, you need to keep in mind that one day you will probably want to sell this property.  Unless the property is truly a “unique” property, you will need the property to appeal to as many families as possible.  With this in mind, I give my Pinecrest Florida real estate Buyers my Top 5 List of items to consider when purchasing a Pinecrest Florida home: 

1. Location - location, location, I know we have all heard this a million times; there is a reason for that!  Not only is the selection of the neighborhood important, but also where in the neighborhood is the house located.  Let’s say we have two identical houses on same size lots, the one on the quieter street will be more desirable than the one on the busier street.  Here in Pinecrest Florida, the one in north Pinecrest will sell for more than in south Pinecrest.  And really sharp Buyers will also take into account the orientation of the house.  Does most of the house face west or north; that makes a difference as to how cool your home will be.

 2. Size - it’s important!  You should have a formal living room and dining room.  Yes, I hear you saying “I don’t entertain formally”.  But when it comes time to sell, the home will be more appealing if it has these formal areas.  The house should have at least 4 bedrooms, since one is usually used as an office, and at least 2 ½ baths.  It is amazing how significant that half bath, or more, is.  I once listed a Pinecrest Florida 4 bedroom 2 baths home, and over and over, I heard people say it was a shame it only had two baths, and they’d pass on it.  The kitchen is another area where size matters.  I can’t emphasize how important the kitchen is – take your time here, remember; it is the most important room in the house.

3. Condition - a few years ago I found Buyers were willing to do all kinds of remodeling/updating to their homes.  Today’s Pinecrest Florida Buyer really prefers a home that’s ready to move into, even if it costs a little bit more.  But a home that you can buy for less money, because it needs updating, might be a good option for you if you are comfortable with these kinds of projects.  The payoff is that your home will be updated to your liking, not the previous owner’s.

4. Layout - make sure that the floor plan is logical and functional.  I was just in a Pinecrest Florida 4 bedroom, 2 bath house where all the rooms opened onto the pool area, but the rooms didn’t connect to each other, there was no way to get from one room to another without going outside to the pool area; ex. to get from the master bedroom to the kitchen you had to go outside.  I saw the blueprints to this house; it was originally designed and built that way!  Also, make sure you have a well laid out kitchen.  I have seen Pinecrest Florida homes not sell because of poorly designed kitchens.

5. Garage - here in Pinecrest Florida we don’t have basements, we don’t have attics, you need a garage!  So often I hear Buyers, especially if they are from out of town, say they don’t need a garage, they wouldn’t park their car in it anyway.  Folks, most garages here in South Florida aren’t used for parking, they’re used for storage.  Please, don’t buy a house here without a garage!!!

These are the items I like my Pinecrest Florida real estate Buyers to look at when we go look at properties.  What do you think; did I miss anything that would be on your “must have” list?



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